Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yikes!  August is quickly going the same way as July - and soon to be gone !
Which is not to say there hasn't been progress made on several fronts ...

The big project this summer has been the attic, and it's getting close to finished.  Don't let the above picture fool you - it is NOT the before shot.  The space was actually "finished" when I bought the house, but not in a condition that I considered livable.    I pretty much ignored it for a decade and then gutted it some years back to insulate.   And then it sat unused while I dreamt up crazy plans of raising the roof and moving the stair (it's in a bedroom closet) and doing all kinds of work that cost way too much money.   I finally decided to get real and re-finish it out as-is with no structural changes.   I'm hoping to get the floor laid this weekend so we can have a move-in date before school starts up in September!

I've also been plugging away on my Nightshade Swoon quilt.   These blocks are intense!  I made the first one from start to finish (with the exception of my rough cut HSTs) and it took the good part of a morning.   I've since been a little sporadic and have multiple blocks in various stages of completion.   Overall it's gone together well and I've only had to unpick a few seams to get points lined up.   My biggest struggle has been with the flying geese blocks.   They were turning out just a smidge too narrow until I started marking the diagonal on the rectangle instead of the square.   Now I can overlap a slightly oversized square on the base rectangle and trim it down to size after stitching.  Problem solved!

And lastly, we managed to sneak in a few days of camping and paddling at one of our favorite spots...

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  1. what a gorgeous place to paddle! And--I look forward to seeing the Nightshade quilt. I have yet to buy any fabric from that line, but I really should! And soon!