Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giveaway Winners!
(I haven't forgotten, really. I've just been a little distracted.)

The winner of the first bundle o' scraps, picked by RGN, is Kritta22, who wrote:
I have started cutting my scraps into 4.5 scraps for a scrappy star quilt I'm trying to make. It might take me a few to get there but it's fun!
Also I want to make a ticker tape quilt. That uses little scraps!!
Thanks for the giveaway! I'm off to read more of your blog.
Good luck with all the change in your world this year!!

I think it's a great idea to pre-cut scraps to a certain size and have them ready to go for a future project!

It was a tough call for blogger's choice, but I have to go with I Plead Quilty! who wrote:
My scraps are immediately stuffed into one of two scrap drawers. Once it reaches critical mass (read here: I can't close or open the drawers any more) I bribe my daughter with a movie, sugar, cash, whatever it takes to sort them by color into large zip bags. Sometimes it's accurate, sometimes not so much, but I get to keep sewing while she sorts for me.

Now why didn't I think of that before??

Congratulations to both!
- please send me a note via the contact link in the shop with your address, and I'll get these bundles packaged up this weekend and on their way!

And Thanks to all who took the time to leave a comment and offer my scraps a good home. I truly appreciate it!

n.b. The quilt above was made with scraps for the pinwheels and yardage for the sashing and back. Each pinwheel requires (2) 4 1/2" squares of a print and (2) 4 1/2" squares of the background.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Out of control.
Need I say more? And I'm not just talking about my overflowing scrap bins here. It's been a crazy few weeks.

First off, I'm in the midst of a long-overdue website redesign. As much as I love the simplicity of hosting the shop with Big Cartel, I outgrew their product limit long ago. (Which is a good thing right? It means that my little shop is a little less little now.) After struggling for months with trying to make sense out of the numerous ecommerce options out there, I gave in and hired a local web developer to do the heavy lifting. What a relief. The new site will actually get done, and get done well. I'm hoping for a "grand-opening" at the beginning of March, which means the next few weeks will probably be even more crazy. Stay tuned. There will be door prizes. Well, virtual door prizes.

I'm also plotting a home renovation project to capture some much needed square footage from the unused second-floor attic. The intent is to add a bedroom and "lounge" space for the teenager in the house, who likes to sprawl and won't be bothered so much by the lower ceiling. I'll be calling in some reinforcements for this work as well. The days are long gone when I could be lured into hauling sheets upon sheets of gypsum board anywhere, let alone up a staircase, in the name of "sweat equity". I have to say, I'm giddy at the prospect of having an extra room. The desk and loom will get moved out of the dining room, and the sewing table out of the kitchen for starters. Yes folks, my sewing space is set up in an alcove off the kitchen. Rather convenient actually, if you don't mind the occasional burnt dinner. Stay tuned for this one as well. I'll take pictures! It'll be cool.

Work has been busy too. (The desk job.) Which is good; time-consuming and a bit mentally-draining the way work usually is, but good.

And if that's not all, I'm trying to get my 2011 accounting buttoned up asap. one) so I can get a financial aid form turned in to my daughter's school, and two) so I'm not filing taxes on the due date this year. (It's really stressful. I don't recommend it. Once is enough.)

Here's where you all come in:
In order to calm a bit of the chaos, and get a head start on spring cleaning, I'm giving away fabric scraps. Lots of fabric scraps.

Leave a comment on this post with a tip on how you manage fabric scraps (or as in my case, don't manage) for a chance to win about two pounds of fabric (a.k.a. what I can fit in a flat rate envelope). TWO POUNDS, people! That's between six and seven yards of pure scrappy goodness! A lot of the pieces will be in the 4-5" range, some full width, and a few fat quarter-ish in size. The only catch is that if you receive some fabrics you don't like or can't use, I ask that you pass them along to someone that can. (If you're short on ideas for scrappy projects - take a peak at my flckr favorites.)

Comments will be open until the evening of February 14th, at which time I'll pick not one, but TWO winners. One at random, the other whose comment I find the most inspiring or amusing.

Ready. Set. Go!