Sunday, May 15, 2011

Broken Pinwheels.
In the end, I opted for pinwheels, and I'm so glad I did. They're a great match for these colorful Modern Workshop prints. I also decided to forgo my typical striped sashing (like this quilt), and I especially like the 'bonus' fifth pinwheel that's created where four blocks come together.
I have to confess that I messed up stitching the individual pinwheels together and when laying them out discovered that approximately half were spinning the opposite direction! At the time there was no way I was ripping them out, so I created the center with the "correct" blocks and started adding borders to get the quilt up to size. Ultimately, I did rip them out (go figure!) to create the saw tooth for the outer border as anything else just looked too heavy.
Finished size is roughly 36" x 40". Quilted with diagonal stitching to either side of the pinwheels' center seams.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Although I could have just as easily drawn numbers from a hat, I decided to be all official and use a random number generator found online. Since this is my first-ever giveaway, and I'm not a consistent blogger to begin with, I'm not too surprised about the low turnout - and it gave all who left a comment a 33% chance of winning. Pretty good odds!
The lucky winner is VeronicaMade who said:
"I remember how my mom was always sewing matching outfits for me and my sisters when we were kids. We didn't appreciate them at the time, but now it means so much to me. My favorite designer is Denyse Schmidt."
While I don't have any Denyse Schmidt in my inventory to offer, I will find some other lovely fat quarters to include with the pattern magazine. Congrats Veronica! I'll be sending you an email soon to get your mailing address!
Thanks to all for playing!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day giveaway. I recently received a copy of the magazine "Perfect for Precuts; Quilts from Fat Quarters, Strips, and Squares" - filled with a variety of quilting projects. Considering that I have enough on my "to-sew" list to last a lifetime, I figured it was a bit selfish to keep this for myself. I'll even throw in a few fat quarters as well to get you started! Leave a comment noting something special about your mom and/or your favorite fabric designer or collection to be entered to win. Comments will close on Tuesday at 7 pm PST and I'll choose a name at random shortly thereafter! (PS. Visit the shop to see my current inventory for some help in choosing a favorite...hint, hint.)