Saturday, January 19, 2013

This was definitely not on my project list, but I finally succumbed to the madness and started my own trippy quilt, which has turned out to be exactly what I needed - easy and quick sewing with cheerful fabrics. 

I cheated and used a jelly roll from Sweetwater's Lucy's Crab Shack Collection. In case you're curious, you can get (13) 12" blocks made from 2 1/2" strips from a standard jelly roll with two full strips and about 8" of each 42" strip left over - enough for some scrappy fun on the back. (To take advantage of the full strip, making an 8x8 grid would yield (10) 16" blocks from one jelly roll). 

 If you're making your own scrappy trip quilt, here's a tip I picked up from Monica over at Happy Zombie - after sewing your six strips together, cut the first strip off BEFORE sewing the fabric tube together. Unfortunately, I was too far along to take advatage of her brillance, but certainly will next time! 

I haven't decided on an overall layout yet, or if I'll break out another jelly roll to make more blocks, but I'm excited with the results so far.

This cat, by the way, is NOT helping. 

And neither is this one. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

I've been delinquent.   
i finished up two more swoon blocks several weeks back.  
it was a windy day.... not the best for a photo shoot, but here you go, blurriness and all.