Monday, December 26, 2011

Wow, I can't believe it's December 26th already.  December 26!  Where did the month go?  (I guess I'd better finish up that Christmas shopping!)  I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday!  I know I've enjoyed having a few days away from work and the unusually sunny weather this month.  

I also finally found the time to replenish my hot pad supply - a project that's been on my list for way too long.  (I might have also gone a little overboard - so if you know me, one of them might just find its way into your kitchen).

Given my new-found love for wonky stars, I thought this would be the perfect project to try them out on. I chose the center fabric first and pulled coordinating fabrics for the points.  My background squares are muslin - maybe not the best choice for something that will be used in the kitchen, but I like the way the lighter color sets off the stars. 

They're fairly quick and easy as long as you don't do this:

(which is what happens when I sew while distracted! Oops!)  

I experimented with different bindings on these, and I have to say, for best overall results, my favorite is still a double fold machine binding.  The self-binding was definitely quickest, and has a certain appeal, but on the reverse double-fold binding I found that with three layers of batting the front-side edges ended up a little too puffy. 

A few rogue 16-patch pot holders snuck into the mix, using a mini-charm pack from Malka Dubrasky's upcoming line, A Stitch in Color, and an improv log cabin, made from scraps.

If all goes well, I'll put up a quick tutorial for the stars over at the annex later this week.