Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nevermind that I have about a gazillion other things to get done, I was feeling inspired to sew some blocks for the quilts for quake survivors fundraiser.  I decided to tackle my formidable stash of solids for some ultra-mod picture frame log cabin blocks.  These four are my favorites thus far, but I still have a stack of 2" strips and 3" squares, so I'm sure there will be more blocks to come.

Now, don't try this at home. Unless of course you like the adrenaline rush that comes from say walking down the stairs with a bowl of egss balanced on your head, because I'm guessing that's kinda what it was like. I laid out scraps of solids on my cutting mat in a 3x3 grid and aligning my ruler with the grid lines, cut through the whole row at once! And then oh so carefully without daring to breathe, lifted up the ruler, moved it over and did it again, and again and again, rotated the mat and repeated.  Phew.
Yes, maybe I could've stacked them together in a few individual piles, but I'm not very skilled at cutting through more than just a few layers at a time (most were double if not triple layered already).  And this was just so much more exciting!

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