Friday, December 12, 2014

some mindless yet practical sewing.

My house is old.  Like over a century old.  And with all that charm and character comes drafty windows.

I sat down at my machine the other night and started sewing random scraps together that had been left the sewing table..  Not long after - ta da!  One draft snake was complete.  A big improvement over the dish towels I normally use!

I didn't over think what pieces I was picking up so this went together quickly.  I trimmed it down to 6 1/2" x the length of my window + 1/2", folded in half right-sides-together with a lining and stitched all around, leaving a gap at a short end.  Turn, fill, stitch the gap closed, and done.  For the filling I used crushed walnut shells, but any small scale fill with a bit of weight will work. (rice, beans, buckwheat, etc.)

Google eyes optional.

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