Sunday, October 19, 2014

arrowhead times two. 

I first posted about this block back in July, and made the solid version shortly thereafter, but dragged my feet on the tutorial and sewing up the scrappy option until now.  It's not that it's a particularly difficult block, but there is some fussiness and tutorials take a long time to put together!  For me at least.  It's the photos and graphics mostly.  I can never decide which work / look best, and in this case, ended up using both!

I'm feeling pretty "meh" about the solid version.  I think it has a lot to do with my color choice.  
But the graphic of multiple blocks together is rather striking, with the secondary pattern emerging so strongly. And then the ideas of playing with color start flooding in...  this is one that might get made up as a blank coloring sheet.
 The scrappy version is just the opposite.  I love everything about the single block.  It's dynamic and engaging and I love how the squares of the middle "triangle" units are distinct.   
It was a little more time-consuming to make, but not by much.  No strip-piecing for the nine-patches and if you're not paying close attention (like me) this can happen:  
Several blocks together?  I'm not so sure.  Granted, this is the same block copy-pasted.

Scrappy blocks of different colors? Scrappy colors but single-colored background?  Multiple colors within a single block? Would the secondary pattern emerge?  Would it just be chaos?  Hmm.  More coloring pages perhaps.

For now, the scrappy aqua block is looking more and more like pillow material.  Although I'm not ruling out a single-block quilt yet with large borders.  The red block will be retired to the "dead block files".  For now.

Find the tutorial for a single block here.

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