Sunday, July 6, 2014

Let me start out by saying that I am not a purse person.  Something about all the straps, pockets, zippers, and snaps is just too complicated for me.  Especially as a bike commuter, when I also have a cycling backpack to manage.  But I do appreciate the need for something to corral those few essentials that I seem to take everywhere.

Enter the simple tote.  The first project in our Summer of Sewing series - dedicated to small projects that require minimal fabric and time to complete.

I made my first tote last year and immediately started getting compliments on it.  (Who doesn't love cute sheep!)  But I also quickly discovered how useful it was.  And how nice to have just one spot for everything.  No rummaging around to find the right pocket I put my keys in, or that pen, or my wallet.  There were just in the bag.

The tote can also be easily upsized or downsized depending your needs.  Library tote?  No problem.  Lunch sack?  Check.  Gift Bag?  Yep.

I've since made a few more.   One to gift, and another to keep as a backup for myself when the sheep need to make a trip through the wash.

Need one (or several) for yourself?  Find the full tutorial over at the annex!

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