Sunday, October 13, 2013

I recently came across the finish-a-long hosted at she can quilt.  A little virtual accountability might be just what I need to tackle my growing pile.  

Here's my list for Q4:

1.  night shade swoon. 
This one is close with only one block to go.  There's no reason I can't get the top finished.  The back is going to take some thought, so that will mostly get pushed off until next year.

2.  lucy's trip. 
All 30 blocks are done and need to be assembled into the top.   I don't expect the back to be be too difficult as I have scraps and yardage for it already.   I hope to have it sandwiched at least this quarter.

3.  four square flowers. 
This one is so old.  Like years and years old.  It needs to be quilted and bound.  Or else abandonned.

4.  mod squares.
Top and back are done....sort of.   The back isn't quite up to par and needs a little elective surgery before it will be ready for quilting.  Hope to get this one completely finished.

5.  circus pinwheels.   
Top is done.   It needs a blog post or two, and a back.  This one I should be able to finish as well.

6.  crazy blue.
Another ancient quilt.  Sandwiched with some quilting done.  I've been holding off finishing this one because number seven is hogging the big machine and I really want to have the knee-lift for turning at all those dang corners.

7.  summer sampler.
This is actually on the frame, mid-quilting.   It would have been done some time ago except for tension problems with the machine resulting in endless frustration.  I need to get this one finished.   Not only is my daughter nagging me about it, it's causing a back-log.

I also have a few small sewing projects I've been wanting to tackle:  A small tote bag, a window-seat pillow for the cat, and some new pot holders.  I'll call these 8, 9, and 10.   Just to round out the list.

Linking up to the finish-a-long.

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  1. All of your projects look fantastic! Best of luck this quarter!