Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Snack Attack:  The best snack bag ever:  a tutorial.
That's right.  The BEST.

While there are several great tutorials out there for reusable cloth snack/lunch bags, as well as ones for sale, I'm a bit picky.

You see, in my mind, velcro and crumbs just don't go well together.  Zippers are too bulky and time consuming to use for snacks that might need to be eaten right away.  And exposed seams on the inside?  Not my thing.

It left me only one option:  design my own.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit how long it took me to figure out something so simple, (and how long it has taken me since to put together a tutorial), but getting everything so it flipped right-side out the right way with all seams concealed was challenging.  Perhaps I thought about it too much?   Once I started sewing, it made much more sense, and these little pouches came together very quickly.

I used standard cotton for the outside - both as full pieces and some with patchwork/applique for a little added fun.  On the inside, I tried to use organic cotton.  It just felt better, although I think once washed, standard would be fine.  An average size bag uses a little less than a quarter yard of fabric - and is perfect for those largish scraps lurking around the sewing room.

Full tutorial can be found here - just in time for back to school (or work) lunches!  Happy snacking!

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