Sunday, February 14, 2010

the soon to be happy tale of a sad forlorn garage.

once upon a time, a previous owner had built an addition onto the front a garage.  It was poorly built, with untreated lumber direct to concrete, and a flat roof.  Over the years, the wood rotted, the framing went askew, and the door refused to open.  In a fit of desperation, the current owner (yep, that's me) with crow-bar in hand, tore off the addition, leaving the poor garage open and exposed to the world.  (my neighbor's hate me).  and there she stood, for years and years, sad and neglected, storing only want nobody wanted, and no one would steal,  UNTIL NOW!   
New framing is in place, (thank you, Philip!), a door built, and the installation scheduled....5 days and counting.
And the little green garage will be sad no more!
I'm so excited.  I keep looking around my house at all the things that can move to the garage.

Miter Saw.  Garage.
Bicycles.  Garage.  (they'll be locked, so don't get any ideas.)
Cooler and Camp Stove.  Garage.
Broken Lamp.  Garage.
Gardening Tools.  Garage.
Canoe.  Garage.  (okay, so that's in the side yard, but you get the idea.)

It's going to be amazing!

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